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Marine corps reserve called to Active duty?

I'm interested in joining the marine corps reserves. I've already talked to a recruiter about joining the reserves, i have another appointment with him tomorrow but i had a few questions that have been on my mind since earlier this morning and i was curious if anyone had any answers for me. I'm still going to ask my recruiter tomorrow but curiosity has the best of me right now and i can't wait until 4 tomorrow night.

I realize the risks of joining the reserves. I could be called to active duty at any given moment, but i'm ok with that... I just want to know.

I'm currently and full-time college student so i'd really just like to be a reserve until i get my degree, then switch over to active duty. I'll be a junior in college this coming semester.

Does anyone know if the marine corps reserve is getting called to active duty right now? I know they were a few years back, but i'm not sure if they still are or not. Does being a fulltime college student or a junior help me out?

Also, I scored in the 94th percentile on my ASVAB, does that help me out? Do certain careers with the reserve put me a higher risk to called to Active duty? Are there any other underlying factors that could contribute to me getting called to active duty?

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    Yes USMC reserves are still being mobilized. being a college student means nothing unless you are in an Officer training program (i.e. ROTC). Units get mobilized not MOSs.

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    You might be able to finish school without being deployed. It depends on what unit you're joining and when they last deployed. I'm a Marine reservist and in college right now too. I had to take a year off for a deployment, but its not really as big an annoyance as everyone makes it out to be. The only thing that would prevent you from deploying was if you had orders to OCS before your unit got its warning orders for activation. Theres just under 40,000 reservists and about 9500 are on active duty now. Theres usually around 3 years bewteen deployments for a unit, thats give or take. Some units have may 4 years dwell time some 2. What unit are you going to be joining?

    Source(s): 0311 usmcr oif 8-1
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    I sure hope you know what you're getting yourself into. Just remember nothing is guaranteed such as your wanting to "switch" over. They don't have to let you switch, and very often it can cancel out your current contract and you can be made to take another job.

    Your college means nothing and neither do your test scores. If your unit deploys, then so do you.

    Alot depends on what type of unit you join. Some deploy more then others

    You better be 100 percent committed to the USMC first if you enlist. This isnt a place where you can think you're gonna do this and then that and where things run smoothly. Cool plans have a way of messing up once in the USMC..

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    there is Marine reservists with the infantry mos, i don't be responsive to with reference to the army tho. you will no longer have any project going from Marines to military as quickly as your settlement is up, the army has some courses to recruit earlier provider from different branches. most of the time you have the potential to maintain your rank, despite if Sergeants and above ought to reviewed via a board and authorized so that's not assured. i visit wager as quickly as your interior the Marines you will replace your suggestions. i be responsive to very few Marines that could even evaluate transforming into a member of yet another branch.

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  • May I suggest something to you..? if you are to consider going in, Go in all the way(im talking active duty) you would not believe the difference till you experience it, and also continue your education of course, who's to say if you decide to go all the way, achieve your college degree and go to officers canidate school and years down the line I bump into you in training or in garrison,(cause the marine corps is a small world) I would have to salute you.. lol please consider it, I promise you wont regret it.. Semper Fi

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