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Chocolat movie questions.?

For a school assignement.

I need 3 examples of irony

3 examples of symbolism

major theme

how Vianne and Comte change by the end of the movie

Two good features


For symbolism, could you talk about what the color red symbolizes in the film, for example, how Vianne usually wears Red.

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    I did this two years ago so see what i can remember...


    There are small things like that the Chocolat was opposite the church

    The fact that the Chocolat opened during Lent

    The church (which are normalyl happy places) is always dark and gloomy and is shown as being bad.


    Her red shoes and bright colours of the chocolat are symbolic as they show that she believes in friendships and forming relationships, where as the Comte is always in black, showing that he is cold and believes in "hard work, modesty and self dicipline".

    The chocolate is a symbol of innocence?


    Vianne no longer ran away from problems. Comte let go of his wife leaving him. His view on what makes a "good" person changes.


    What makes a good person was what I did. There is also, change and religion...

    I'll put up more as i remember it lol might see if i still got my old english book... But i think thats all i got... Hope i was of some help lol i hate english TT

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