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what are the bad effects of travel and tourism in New Zealand?

i'm doing a project and i need help , asap

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    Tourism and travel has its effects no matter where you go. I can't answer for New Zealand but I can give you an idea from living next door in Australia (and we would have the same kinds of problems so its still relevant).

    1. The original culture of the land gets made over to attract the tourists. Everything that was once rustic and natural becomes all polished as if it was built yesterday.

    2. International travel makes it much easier to transmit viruses (the recent swine flu epidemic a case in point).

    3. Large numbers of visitors can cause wear and tear on the natural landscape to point where the number of visitors has to be limited.

    4. International criminals hide behind the guise of being tourists to import contraband goods in the country and export protected and endangered wildlife.

    5. Aircraft and cruise ships could potentially be terrorist targets.

    6. Tourists can bring in food and plants could become dominant in a country that has no natural defence against them in the wild.

    Source(s): Australian ,,,^..^,,,
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    I think its good for New Zealand. It encourages people to be more open minded. It can get a bit wiffy in Winter when there aren't so many tourists there. And it has been good for the forests, cos they stopped cutting them.

    One bad effect is they come to NZ and rent cars and camper vans and drive really slowly and often really badly which annoys us a lot. "Coming here and clogging up our roads". Sometimes they drive on the wrong side of the road if they come from right hand drive countries.

    Another bad effect is that they introduced Giardia into the river systems. Often tourists will pee or sh*t in rviers (dirty bast*rds) and this has effected many rivers on popular tourist tracks so that now you can't drink the water. NZers in the bush always do it away from the rivers and bury it, but the tourists do it by the water, I do not know why.

    I can't think of anything else. It provides a lot of jobs and is good for the country but when you live in a place like Nelson you get a little swamped with tourists sometimes

    Source(s): All of cc of Oz's points are relevant to NZ too, but the terrorist threat is much lower for NZ, to be almost non-existent
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    It upsets the sheep.

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