Moving to a college out of state, what's the best way to move my stuff?

Since I'm going to live in a dorm, furniture is already available. Most of things are going to be clothes, bedding, etc. I don't want to pay for one of those big moving trucks. And no I'm not going to drive a uhaul truck. Any other advice greatly appreciated.

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    With all three kids we shipped everything UPS. For an additional $5 or $10 (I don't remember the amount) they pick up everything at your house so you don't have to take it someplace to mail it. We had them addressed to the dorm and everything was waiting for us. You can go to Walmart at 11:30 PM and go down the aisles with a shopping cart and get all the free boxes you want. Then you buy packing tape from them while you are there. You weigh the boxes and write down the dimensions and call UPS. They will give you a price, bring the labels to your house and pick up the boxes. Easy as pie. Then you arrange to store stuff at the college over the summer so you don't have to lug it all back home.

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    Try not to bring too much, b/c you'll have to drag it all back and that sucks.

    I've mailed stuff to myself, like clothes. Box it and hold on to it while you get your address, then ask your parents to mail it to you.

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