The little green book?

I swear that back when I was in elementary school, i read a book, and it was titled "The little green book".

It's about a girl and her family + several other families, who are leaving earth to find a new planet because the planet isn't really livable anymore. They get in the space ship and finally find a planet and land and it takes em a while to figure out how they are going to live. The biggest deal is that everyone going can only take one book (because of space on the ship) and the MC picks a green book full of empty pages so she can keep a journal. Really an amazing story. Or that's how i remember it.

ANyway, does anyone know what book I'm talking about. I think it was like 100(ish) pages and I really want to find it again, but every time I search the title I seem to find more stuff about the environment then about this book.

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    The Green Book by Jean Paton Walsh

    The green book was about people leaving earth. Pattie and her family

    were the last people to leave earth. When they got to the new planet

    Pattie named the new planet. She named it "The Shine". The reason why she

    named it the shine was the grass was like glass and the water was silver.

    Pattie is the main character of the story. The reason she was the main

    character was because she named the new planet. She is also the one who

    found the green book. She is kind, funny, friendly, cheerful, and she is

    the youngest in her family

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    ohhh, that book must be AMAZING!!! but, anyway, I don't know it. I'm serious. sorry, but I appreciate your work!!! ;-) awww how beloved book!

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