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Can someone please give me a summary on King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table!?

its by roger lancelyn green. please give me a summary on the knights of the round table. the quest of the holy grail. and the departing of arthur. please & thank you.

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    Our Cast of Characters:

    King Arthur Pendragon- lost son of Uther, rediscovered after pulling a sword from a stone. Builds Camelot, then runsa around with Merlin looking for knights. Breaks his sword fighting the Black Knight, then gets the enchanted Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. While under a spell, impregnates his half/step-sister Morgan Le Fay, siring his own arch-nemesis. Marries Guineviere, loses her to Lancelot, chases him to France returning home to find that his bastard son Mordred has taken over. Epic battle follows, he is mortally wounded and all but a few knights are killed. Arthur is taken off in a boat by three women to Avalon, a mystic country.

    Merlin- Depending on which legends you're reading, Merlin is either a wise man, a Druidic shaman, a psychic, or an extremely powerful sorceror raised by fairies, who lives his life backwards(Born an old man, dies as a baby). Helps Arthur along in the early years, then fades out of the stories. Supposedly fell in love with the Lady of the Lake, but she wanted none of it, so she put him in an enchanted sleep and is supposedly underneath Stonehenge or one of several other places.

    Lancelot-French knight and Arthur's right hand man. Seduces Guinivere then flees in shame. Returns to catch the end of the final battle and becomes a monk after seeing the carnage. Key player in several legends.

    Galahad - Lancelot's son with a nun. Raised in a monestary and is therefore pure of heart. Star of the Holy Grail Quest, more on that later.

    Guinevire- Arthur's wife, really only there for the plot with Lancelot, doesn't do much else. Becomes a nun after the final battle.

    The Black Knight - A recurring character that shows up several times to literally and figuratively block Arthur's path. He is not Mordred and is more of a literary device than a character. Kind of like an <insert generic bad guy here> type dude

    Mordred - Arthur's illegitimate son and main enemy. They have several run ins, until they ultimatly kill each other off.

    Other Knights - show up for an adventure or two then disappear. Sir Ector and Sir Kay are Arthur's adopted father and brother respectively. Sir Gawain shows up often. All but Sir Bors and Lancelot are killed off before or during the final battle.

    The Round Table : a wedding fift to Arthur from Guinivere's father. The Chairs are enchanted to display the name of the knight who sits there. Lancelot is at Arthur's right hand, while the chair to his left has a further enchantment. Only the purest knight can sit there. Anyone else who tries will die. It is kept covered until Galahad shows up and sits there by accident. You see, the other chairs had names on then so he didn't want to take anyone else's seat, so he sat in the blank one. Surprise surprise, the chair changes to display his name, much to the amazement of all.

    Excalibur : Sword from the Lady of the Lake. Unbreakable, but not really magic. However, the scabbard is enchanted. No matter how much blood Arthur loses while he wears it, he will not die or even grow tired. Naturally he loses the scabbard in an early duel with Mordred.

    As far as the legends go, they are usually morality tales, with each ones purpose to teach a lesson about chivalry. They are loosely based on legends and histories originaly written in the Morte D'Artur, or "The Death of Arthur."

    The Grail Quest stands out because it is much longer than the rest and is rather epic. In short, Arthur recieves a vision that God wants him to return the Holy Grail to Jerusalem. He then sends all the knights out searching for it. He , Lancelot and Galahad eventually reunite and join forces. After passing through several individual and group challenges, crossing paths with other knights and finding many of them dead, they eventally come to a boat. Deciding the Grail muat not be in Europe, they set sail for other lands. However, on the boat is a table, with something on it covered by a white cloth. An old man asks the Knights to help him deliver the table to a client in Jerusalem. Once they touch the table to pick it up and carry it, they all realize the Grail must be under the cloth. They take it to Jerusalem where the old man directs them to a church. Along the way, the table gets heavier and heavier. Eventually they ask for help carrying it, and only a nearby cripple responds. On touching the table, he is immediately healed. They reach the church and deliver it. Arthur, Lancelot and the cripple leave, while Galahad stays. He lifts the cloth to glimpse the holy relic. He is supposedly the only person since the Last Supper to see the Grail. All Arthur and Lancelot see is the bright light it gives off. Galahad naturally dies after seeing it and the cloth falls back into place. Arthur and Lancelot return to gather the knights back adn go on more adventures.

    Final battle:

    Arthur finally catches on that Lancelot and Guinivere are having an affair and ch

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    It's based on a Welsh king, Camelot is supposedly to be based in Glastonbury. The purpose of the round table is to up hold medieval chivalry. Lancelot is the traditional prince charming, who won Genevieve's heart (love at first sight), Arthur did have a nephew & son named Mordred via Morgana Le Frey (some say she is his sister), who attempted to take control of camelot, but died by Arthur's hands. He (Arthur) went to the legendary place called Avalon. This is a famous quote he made right before he died:

    "I am the past & future king" it is said when the time is right he will return.

    As for the holy grail it was retrieved, but can not remember who did it.

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    King Arthur Sparknotes

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    There was a table that was round and a bunch of nights sat around it. King Arthur lead them.

    Some one said "Go find the Holy Grail."

    They did.

    The end.

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    Can someone please give me a summary on King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table!?

    its by roger lancelyn green. please give me a summary on the knights of the round table. the quest of the holy grail. and the departing of arthur. please & thank you.

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    We're the knights of the round table,

    we dance when we're able,

    we do routines

    and chorus scenes,

    and footwork im-pec-able!

    We dine while here in Camolot,

    we ham and jam and spam alot!

    *5 soconds music*

    Oh! We're the knights of the round table,

    our shows are for-midable,

    but of ten times,

    we're given rymes,

    that are quite un-sing-able,

    it's a busy life in Camolot,

    we sing from the Diaphram alot!

    (music *drummer hits guy*)

    In war we're tough and able,

    *guy steps on cat*

    quite inde-fati-gable,

    *whistley music*

    between our guests,

    and sequin vests,

    and impersonate Clark Gable,

    it's a busy life in Camolot!

    ...I.. HAVE...TO...PUSH...THE...PRAM...ALOT!!!

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    to long read the book

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