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'Prototype' custom resolution for PC?

Is there any way to set a custom resolution for the game 'Prototype' for PC? When the game boots up my screen goes black and tells me the resolution is unsupported (my PC is hooked up to a 42" Samsung HDTV). I've searched my entire computer for a config file for this game but couldn't find anything.


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    right click prototype desktop shortcut click compatibility check set to run in 640x800 start game set res to 1024x768 then uncheck 640x800

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    I have the same problem. your tv is prolly set to 1360*768 (or 1280*768). your tv may have a 1024*768 resolution and this IS supported in prototype (kinda low though). if your tv supports it there is also a 1280*720 reso. mine doesn't though. :( the skinny of it is we're prolly sol until a patch is released.

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