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Tonight show Jay Leno, Conan Obrien?


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    Conan isnt funny. Leno's segment where way funnier. and Conan always acts too immature. and he looks like a little freak. and Leno has served for 17 years, thats longer than Conans 15 yrs on that other show he had before he took over the tonight show. and Leno was always out there every bloody night with fresh material. not many people can come up with new jokes just like that. and Leno has always had higher ratings than Conan and more people watched his show. and the ratings have been sliding little by little every night since Conan took over. and when Leno was on The show he won ever sweeps period and had the highest rated nightime talkshow since 1994. Conan has always been in his shadow, as a matter of fact, Conan would be no where without Leno because he was first introduced on his show. but still Johnny Carson will always be the most memorable host. and Leno will be getting his own show as the lead in for Cona so I bet he will still do better in the ratings than him.

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    Jay Leno is and will be funnier than Conan O'brien....Conan is using the same goofy antics that he used in his Late Nite show. Plus, Leno's monologues are way better than Conan's. I'll take originality over rehashed and recycled crap.

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    Conan O Brien! Most defff.

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    I don't play favorites.

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    Neither one of them

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