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Can the Clippers have a winning season next season?

I know the Clippers are known for being a horrible franchise and almost never winning games, but don't you think that with the #1 pick it might change things?

They have a lot of talent on the team, and if they trade Zach Randolph which would allow Blake Griffin to start and get most of the PF minutes, why couldn't they win? Look at the Starting Lineup...

PG - Baron Davis (Injury Prone but when healthy is a beast)

SG - Eric Gordon (Could have won ROY if he was the starter all year)

SF - Al Thornton (Inconsistant but has progressed and has great potential)

PF - Blake Griffin (Some like to compare him to Shawn Kemp)

C - Chris Kaman (When healthy is actually a top 10 center)

Bench - Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, Deandre Jordan, Mo Taylor, and if they trade Randolph, add whoever they get in return for him...

Serious answer only, please!

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    My 1st serious answer is that Marcus Camby will start over Chris Kaman. I guarantee it, if both are healthy there is no way that Kaman would beat out Camby for the starting job. As for a winning season, it will depend on how well chemistry kicks in and the impact of Griffin. If Griffin wows people with allstar level #'s as a rookie and the chemistry of Davis works out then maybe. If not, then I don't think so.

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    They will never be able to trade Randolph. As, a Knicks fan I know how talented he is, but his contract is as fat as one could get and that is mostly why we pawned it off on the Clipps. No other team would touch a contract of that nature and add in the fact that he can create team chemistry turmoil with his attitude at times makes him even the more undesired.

    You do have to revamp the big's on the roster cause with Griffin there would be a logjam of big's, which is why I think Kaman could be traded as can Camby. While, Z.BO and Griffin will stay.

    I would like to see the Clippers keep Jason Williams. After, he retired he expressed desire to make a return, but it was to late in the season and the NBA denied his request. Clippers currently are in control of his contract and if they can keep him on board.

    He can be quite serviceable subbing in for Davis off the bench and they can make for a good PG tandem. I mean Jason Williams started his career with a lot of talent. Only he was a loose cannon and made some questionable plays cause he cared more about flash. When he was traded to Memphis Hubie Brown taught him how to tone down his game and he learned how to play at a championship and smarter level in Miami. He could still have some left in the tank and help out. Get rid of Ricky Davis he is a team cancer everywhere he goes and he plainly put sucks.

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    yes, definitely when healthy, the West is still very tough but LAC is talented enough or maybe too talented. Baron Davis health is the key.

    And yes, they have to figure out the logjam at the forward position.

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    No I don't see it. I think Blake Griffin is going to be a HUGE bust and won't turn out to be that good of a player. Plus I don't trust Baron Davis leading a team.

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    Blake Griffin is going to be the next Stoudemire. I think they will take the fourth seed by the end of next year.

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    if they make this trade


    then this trade


    trade riinour and oberto to 76'ers for their pick and draft jonny flynn.

    pg-davis, flynn

    sg-gordon, mason




    now that team will be a contender for years to come.

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    kobrick cryant suks

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    No, hell no

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