traveling to turkey with a 9 month baby : help?

hi i am travling to turkey with a 8 month old baby and my wife ofcourse, i am planning to stay there for a week from 22nd june to 1st july . i am planning to spend 3 days in istanbul . i am not a beach lover and being a muslim , night clubs and bars are not in my things to do list. I am going to turkey to relax , enjoy istanbul and have to see the turkish culture.

I was told to go to fethiye but then after lot of searching i found out that there is nothing for me to do despite it being a very beautiful place. the other option i am left with , which i know is marmaris and kusadasi. what do you people say where should i go beside istanbul. should i go to marmaris or kusadasi or bodrum or fethiye or any other city. how many days should i stay in each place. at most i only want to stay in three cities including istanbul as traveling alot with baby would be hectic. so please help me which city should i go. what about kemer and anatalya. i have heard they are also very beautiful.

also tell me some nice hotels(preferably near the major tourist attractions) beaches are good to me but only to spend a little time and to look at . i m not a beach freak. my hotel range is 3 - 4 star ranging from USD 100 - 130. some thing with great view.

i would love to be in the midst of greenery and beach both.

please help me urgent as i want to book the hotels .

thankyou .

p.s. i have already booked hotel in istanbul. just the other two cities i would like to have advice.


is bodrum good or marmaris or kemer?

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    In Turkey there re many option for cultural tourism.

    I don't know your preferance completelly. If you want to see real turkish

    My advice destinations:

    Safranbolu: I lived there 8 years. It is good place to rest and see many thing of old anatolian turkish culture. Housing. Traditions...etc. The place is famous for her old Turkish houses.

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  • I am in the same position as you. I am muslim so i wanted to go to turkey too with family for culture and entertainment not clubbing and drinking obviously but lot of people on yahoo gave me negative answers. I hope some decent turkish people will be able to guide you where to go.

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  • 4 years ago

    thats really nice the place where you are going a family friend has been there and said it's really nice. Sorry i don't know about the food doll.xx

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Stay home.

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