Question on ADP payroll schedule?

I receive my paychecks twice a month as a direct deposit from ADP. I just want to know how many days earlier will my employer have to send the paycheck information for the payroll to be generated by ADP.

For example if I'm supposed to receive the payroll on June 19th how many days earlier will my paycheck details be sent to ADP. Also once sent to ADP can the payroll amount be corrected by my employer

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    The last outfit that I worked for that used ADP needed data in the local payroll system by Tuesday for Friday paychecks. However the transmittal went to ADP on Thursday afternoon for Friday ACH transmittals. They were able to do a same-day release under emergency conditions though we were charged extra for that.

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    Adp Payroll Schedule

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    Click on your employee center - click the question or help button - enter "employee" - scroll down to "year to date amounts" The instructions are right there. I assume the prior payroll company has filed all quarterly reports including the one ending 9/30 - if not, you are late on that one and will have to plead ignorance and write a begging letter to the IRS explaining. You probably took the information from the payroll company and entered it as a lump - which probably included their fee for processing - when you make your adjustments to the payroll you will have to reverse the entered amounts against the lump sums you already entered. Quick books has lots of information under the help box.

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