(need cloth diaperers and breastfeeders) Im sticking to the basics but what else for a baby registry?

This is what I have on there (im breastfeeding and using cloth diapers)

Cradle n Swing



Playpen Net (I already have the playpen and plan to use it as a bassinet)

Carseat Net (already got the carseat and stroller too)

Head support for carseat

JJ Cole Bundle me for carseat

The Moby Wrap

Babybjorn infant potty chair (thought Id try early potty training since im cloth diapering)

Safety First easy saver diaper pail

Halo Cotton Sleepsack

Playtex insulated bottle cooler (for transporting expressed milk)

9 4oz Playtex Drop-in bottles

Drop in Liners

18 breastmilk adapter rings for dropin liners

Grabn go bottle warmer

madela pump in style double (any thing good to say about a cheaper pump?)

Sounds n lights monitor

Kushies Biodegradable diaper liners

Gel free breast pack

Graco convertible crib ( do these come with a matress?)

Keep me dry sheat saver pads

1 serta contour pad

Crib Wedge

Vented sleep postioner

temporal artery thermometer

Sun Dome ( we go to the beach alot)

3 Dozen infant cloth diapers

6 thirsties diaper covers

3 snappis

How many onesies should be here?

6 Mommys touch One size aio diapers w?snaps (for outings and going to grandmas)

I already have 4 Receiving Blankets, 6 night gowns, countless outfits and pajamas)

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  • Krispy
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    1 decade ago
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    If your cloth diapering you might want to skip the onsies and get tshirts. The onesies can sometimes pinch the sides of cloths causing them to leak. I would also get a few more covers, you can never have too many. In the beginning my son pooped every 2 hours and is usually got on the cover so I needed about 10-12 liners a day.

    I also prefer pocket diapers, they take less time to dry and you can stuff them as much as you want.

    I have an avent isis duo breast pump. I have nothing but good things to say about it; however, to buy again I would only get a single pump. I usually only pump once or twice a day and only once have I used both pumps at once. I guess that is going to depend on how much you have to pump. Actually I probably use my avent hand pump the most and its a lot easier to carry around with me. It just depends on how much pumping you will be doing. Don't forget to get small and large bottles, as your baby gets bigger and while your engorged you will be able to pump more than 4 oz at a time.

    My son loves his jumparoo, but I think the exersaucer was a much better purchase for us. More activities and he can use his little feet to move around, plus it open up to an activity center for when he's bigger.

    other things I can think of...

    Storage bags for breast milk?

    Nipples for all ages and stages?

    Medela sleep bras?

    Nursing bras?

    Extra bobby cover for when it gets soiled?

    Bumbo seat (my son still loves his)?

    A travel wetbag for dirty cloth diapers?

    A hanging wetbag?

    Reusablee/washable breast pads?

    Nursing cover if you are going to feed in public (a blanket works well but its just not the same)?

    These are just a few things I had to buy during the first month that I didn't realize I would want or need.

    How wonderful to see another mother cloth diapering, we love it and do not find it to be a hassle at all. Sure there is an adjustment period in the beginning but once you've go it down you will never want to go back to those awful disposables.

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  • 4 years ago

    Cloth diapers are just fine on a newborn. I recommend prefolds with covers until they are 12 lb-ish and then use the one size pocket diapers. We like Blueberry/Swaddlebee and BumGenius 3.0s. Prefolds and covers are considerably cheaper if that is a concern though. Onesies fit over cloth diapers just fine. If you are going to be pumping that often I recommend an electric, preferably a double. I have the Medela and it's great. I pumped twice a day/5 days a week for 9 months and now pump once a day.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WOW. That's a lot of stuff! The basics for me would be: diapers (24 prefolds and 4-6 covers for a newborn), clothes, a convertible carseat, maybe some breast pads and nursing clothes, and several slings/carriers. The only other thing you'll possibly want is the Boppy, and a pump IF you're going to be working. I found it much easier to cosleep since I nurse, so the crib, pack n play, monitor, and accessories were pretty useless.

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  • Diet C
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    1 decade ago

    Breast pads! You can get nice cloth breast pads from Mother of Eden. They're made out of the same materials as FuzziBunz diapers. They work better than the disposables and you can toss them in the wash with the diapers.

    You'll also have to purchase the mattress separately from the crib.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Those are the basics? Lol...

    This is ALL I have ever needed for an infant under 12 months:

    A carseat

    Long-sleeve t-shirts

    Short-sleeve t-shirts


    Leg warmers


    Gerber trainer pants

    Flats (we only use diapers for night time and when out- we EC the rest of the time)

    A mei tai

    A sling

    A few toys

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  • Pippin
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    1 decade ago

    Your definition of 'basics' is pretty broad, isn't it? (You don't really need most of this stuff!)

    Will you be returning to work? If not, you don't really need a pump at all, and certainly not an expensive double pump. You can hand express or use a basic pump for the occassional pumped bottle. You don't need a bottle warmer either

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  • 1 decade ago

    atleast a dozen onesies, and as many burp clothes as possible, they are quick to spit up, i carry two with me, congrads, enjoy every moment they go quickly, also i keep disposable cameras around the house in each room and on me at all times, never know when that one pic comes, God Bless Your Family with a healthy baby.

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  • 1 decade ago

    heck you're more prepared than I ever was!

    I used a few online diaper coupons but that was it...

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