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I want to buy my first lace front wig?

but don't want to spend hundreds of bucks on one until i get used to wearing it, wanna test the waters first. my local beauty supply store sells them but do u think they are of good quality? i don't want to get a jacked up lace front wig. what should i look for when buying a "cheap" lace front wig? should the lace be dark like my skin tone? tell me whatever u think i need to know. thanks a bunch ladies.

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    hey i totally understand about the beauty supply thing but i say try that first im dark skin too but if ur like Gabrial Union or something like that you can pull off a light brown it should melt in ur skin uumm some companys online have clearnce human hair wigs ( i am currently wearing a full lace wig with indian remy hair wavy and alot of people think its my hair lol but i usually tell them that its a wig but try online first and it depends on the lace the most common is french and swiss the swiss is the most undetectable from the french but the french is more durable that french i have swiss hope it works out for u :)

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    Maybe the best thing for you to do would be start off wearing a synthetic lace wig until you get the hang of them and that way if somehow you mess it up, you wont feel like you've wasted a fortune. Ebay has an abundance of lace wigs synthetic and human. As far as lace color it is always better to go lighter instead of darker because you can always darken the lace if you need to but it is very difficult to lighten it.

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    You can try Youniques it looks like they have beautiful lace wigs,I am a affiliate however I have never purchased from them but they seem to be legit.The price ranges for their human lace wigs are from $199 to $300's,Or you can try RuthsBeautyShop heard their quailty is great but they might be a little pricey if you're on a low budget,But in all honesty if you want to buy a full lace wig for $175 or less your best bet is Ebay.I purchased from one ebay seller who sold me a 14inch remy full lace wig for under $180 and the wig was of good quality I kept it for 6 months but ruined it because I was too rough with it.Buying a lace wig is not always about the price but its about the quality,So its always best to do your research before you buy,because sometimes you do get what you pay for.

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    Hi Lydell

    You don't have to spend loads, you could opt for synthetic lace fronts to start with until you get used to it or try the link below.

    The lace should be lighter than your skin as the scalp is often paler than skin on the rest of the body.

    The link below has all the information you need about lace wigs so you can learn and before you buy.



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    I personally think you should get a lighter lace color so that it could look like a real scalp. If you get a dark color lace you will not be able to see the realness that a scalp has

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    dear god do not get a wig

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