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What is the best site to download Nintendo DS games from (free or paid)?

I am wondering which is the best site for downloading Nintendo DS games for my DS Lite (English/USA)? I just bout an Acekard 2 and once it arrives I'd like to start downloading games. I don't mind paying a fee, but I want to know I'm paying for access the the best site. My first impression was that romsite & unlimiteddownload looked like good options, but this is all new to me. Please advise!!!

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    Well, I personally recommend It's really nice. Although you have to register and become a member to download, you don't have to pay anything and the download speed for members is quite fast. But it does have some bad points:

    It has a point system that might stop you from downloading some stuff (although it's never been an obstacle to me).

    And sometimes some ROMs say you can't download them cause they're copyright protected. I think I came across this problem with Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood.

    Well, it's a really good site otherwise. Go check it out! =)

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    Download Free Games Online

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    You first go to Google, and then search for: 'Free or Paid games for download? Nintendo DS Lite'

    And there will come at the third or first result of a Game site, click on it, I don't remember the sites name, but I remember the search, so go try it, All the BEST! P.S

    -Im buying a DSi buy that if you can, coz you can download the games for that by you just have to enter the code from the points card and download the game you like! it rocks!

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    How do you delete games on read-only cartridges? Unless you downloaded those game in the first place, it is impossible to delete DS games. I recommend buying the games legitimately, as you probably got the games for free in the first place.

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    you could try:

    it is a growing community of ds roms, there is only few ds roms to download but the site is growing. They have all pokemon, mario, and zelda games. The downloads are free and no need to register. it is a very promising site and fast to load.

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    One of the Best ROM sites I have ever used.

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    dont use torrents. they are very bad and contain viruses. use they have couple of ds games. even if you request it they put it up right away. enjoy

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    I like they seem to have all the roms I have ever needed.

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    Try getting into They have torrents of US games.

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    I find the best one to use.

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