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What do 'hashfails' mean on uTorrent?

When downloading, it says (9 hasfails) - Wondering out of curiousity what it is (Y) Thanks.


I meant (9 hashfails) ;)

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    Hashfails occur when a piece you received doesn't match the "fingerprint" encryption code for that section. There is only 1 code per every piece of a torrent...typically pieces are 256 KB, 512 KB, 1024 KB, 2048 KB, or 4096 KB in size. Hashfails are caused by a bad connection on your end, the sender's end, or something in-between, or lastly by bad hardware on your end...typically ram or hard drive failing.

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    Here's a quote from a BitTorrent FAQ:

    "A piece failed hash check, re-downloading it

    This is a benign message, you can safely ignore it. It means that you received a piece of the file that didn't check out as being correct, so it will be downloaded again. Probable cause of this might be someone incorrectly using the "skip hash check" option."

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