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sorry the question had to be 20 characters long lol

umm yeah so GUYS do guys actually like chicks with big boobs? is it a natural attraction whether you go for personality over looks or not?

its always on the movies tv etc that big boobs are better?

but what do real guys think?

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    i like big boobs to a extent like a c cup d cup or maybe a dd cup anything bigger tend to head south 2 quick

    the look good in a bra but as soon as the bra is removed they drop 2 the floor

  • Lillie
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    Bee happy. When i was 11 i was already almost to a C cup. I'm a DD now! I wish i had your boobs! But, it depends on what the guy is into. They DON'T have boobs, so most likely, if you have big boobs and they show a lot, most likely, some guy would want to get in some boob action with you. Basically, if i was a guy, i would skip the boob sand just continue on to whatever. Hope it helped xoxo ;P

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    Sure us guys do like big boobs but we all are different. I have friends that like small girls, big girls, girls with big bottoms, girls with big boobs, ones that have great humor, and then ones that go for personality. The point I am making is that big boobs will give a girl a bigger audience watching her but thats not the only thing guys dig about chicks. I know some ladies with huge boobs but I wouldn't even consider dating because they have such a smelly attitude.

    Sure they might make a guy talk to you but if that is the reason then you should know where he is headed.

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    I personally like women who are tall and very slender, and have relatively small breasts. I like them noticable, but not too big - cup size from A to C. Other men like much larger breasts, and a much curvier body. It's an individual thing.

    Initial attractiveness is always physical, with bodily animation important too. Otherwise, how would someone be noticed from across the mall or parking lot! Personality, intelligence, and the ability to hold an interesting conversation become important after you meet and get to know each other better. Comfort with your body is especially important, since if a woman is not comfortable with herself, she will be really nervous in any intimate situation, and sex will be less than it might be. Enjoy who you are - I prefer real boobs rather than implants, though women usually do this for themselves, not others.

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    Boobs are one of those things that are just unexplainable amazing. But personally I find the ones that are very big very gross. I would prefer a girl with boobs that fit her body size and that are small to normal size. And the thing that makes them so amazing is that guys like them and girls like boys to like on them. If you know what i mean. :) Anyways every guy is different so you'll need to ask that special someone in your life. Good luck. Hope this answers the question.

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    To be truthful, boobs make no difference at all to me ....but I'm 38yrs. old & like the cereal commercial says: "T*ts are for Kids" Round, hard ones are attractive but not necesssary & BIG ones? Personally, I find most I've seen are not very attractive. The bigger they are - the more gravity affects them, they stretch, hang down - at any age! To me a woman has to have a beautiful face along with a good..."personality" maybe or...y'know; there's some sweetness about her. As far as physical attributes ; the butt, belly & legs are where it's at!!!!

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    I think most men see big boobs as being more erotic and thus a bigger turn on, but oc course not all men go for big boobs. They stick out farther, have more bounce and lets face it, some women just love to show them off which of course drives us men nuts, lol. I also think women see men with bigger johnsons in the same light. I like small to medium myself.

  • Big boobs are great. They are fun to play with, look at and sleep on. The things is ALL boobs are great. They are ALL fun to play with, look at and sleep on. Guys like boobs big, small or in between.

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    You are going to get ALL types of answers on this one (most of them unsavory). Breasts are a huge turn on for some men, while others go for other parts of a woman's body. Such shallow attractions will burn out fast and it is very important to some of us that a woman be funny, engaging, and all together fun to be with. Both personality and looks play a part in any relationship, though men are weighted towards the looks department.

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    well I'm a big boobed chick, and I've had guys go after me for my boobs. But now I have an "*** man" and luckily I have that too. It all depends on the guy.

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