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for anyone confused about the new moon trailer!!!?

this isnt a question but im clarifying th new moon trailer for anyone who was confused about it.....please comment if it helps thanx

ok so the new moon trailer was actually lots of scenes buched into one so that the main points were hit. so when bella was in the meadow with laurent and then you see her running,,,those were two seperate scenes. which makes sense because they wouldnt have bella running from laurent. and also when bella is running she is by jacobs house and is wearing a different jacket. so when jacob changes he is protecting her from paul. they may have done a voiceover when bella tells jake to run just so that the trailer would make some sense,

so hope that clears things up for you remember to comment. cant wait for november 20th!!!!

oh and if u would like something to watch to hold you over here are some suggestions------

My sister's keeper--in theatres June 26th

True blood season 2 on HBO starts on June 14th

BOOKS you can read also(not all are about vampires tho)-----

Re-read the twilight saga

The lovely bones by alice sebold( movie in theatres December 11)

my sister's keeper by jodi picoult

keeping faith by jodi picoult

avalon high by meg cabot

marley&me by john grogan

the guardian by nicholas sparks

A child called"IT" by david pelzer

the blue bloods series by melissa de la cruz

au pair by melissa de la cruz

false memory by dean koontz

odd thomas by dean koontz

Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy

Hatchet by gary paulsen

cold fire by dean koontz

Freaky Green Eyes Joyce Carol Oates

The Lost Night; A Daughter's Search for the Truth of Her Father's Death by Rachel Howard

a bend in the road by nicholas sparks

Salem falls by jodi picoult

White Oleander Janet Fitch

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    Nice of you to clear things up for the people who did not understand the trailer (I wasn't one of them). I really like your choices in books! You have great taste.

  • Thanks, that cleared a lot up! I was so confused when I watched the trailer but after reading what you said I then re-watched the trailer and think you're spot on. Thanks again!

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