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Can i drill through 4 mm of aluminum with a power drill?

but i don't have a clamp or anything to hold it

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    You can. Aluminum is soft and easy to drill. If it's a big hole you're making, drill a pilot hole of a smaller size first then drill the hole size you want. Use sharp bits like titanium or cobalt as they cut quicker and cleaner.

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    you will need to anchor the piece somehow so it doesn't spin on you when you drill it.

    Lacking a clamp you can try to put screws in a work bench around the piece so it will not spin. Also you can use a punch to start the tip of the drill bit so it will not "walk " on you. Aluminum is a soft metal and drills easily with a sharp drill bit.

  • Bilbo
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    Yes - use a HSS bit, preferably a new one. It depends on how big a hole and how big a piece you are working on - tape it on to a piece of wood with masking tape before you drill and punch with a nail to stop the drill wandering off when you start the hole. Aluminium is relatively soft - take care not to overheat the drill bit or it will lose it's 'temper' Do it in several stages. Don't try clamping it between your knees (it happens) - unless you want a trip to A&E or whatever they have in Australia.

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    4 years ago

    You cannot use a drill bit designed only for wood (spade, forstner, brad point). Any drill bit designed to drill metal will work. I would suggest using cutting oil on the bit and go slow. A drill press is also a good thing to use.

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  • joe r
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    no you cannot.

    You will need a drill bit in the end of the power drill to be able to do that

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    we are talking about thickness right? Well that depends on your drill bit you may want to center punch ot first and make sure the bit is sharp. If you wear thick work gloves you may be able to pull it off

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