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What is the universal law to all human interaction?

Assuming there is a law that could be universal for all humans, a law that should be adhered to, that would make the world a better place. What would it be? Remember it has to be applicable to everyone, every religion, every race, even terrorists.

I think I have the perfect answer. But i'm curious to hear yours.

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    I think that this a good philosophical question in that it can get you thinking about the world around you from a variety of perspectives. However I don't think that you are going to come up with one answer that is going to work for everyone (if I am wrong on this more power to you, but many have tried throughout the ages, and were usually martyred for there efforts)

    Some would say "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" But this golden rule is a bit tarnished, if for instance you are dealing with a sadomasochist and you are not one yourself.

    Some would say to forgive others all their transgressions against you for holding them only causes your pain to persist, but how then do we have any societal order or even personal boundaries as individuals if we let anyone and everyone walk all over with no consequences?

    From what I have seen the Idea of a Utopia is an unrealistic ideal. It is unrealistic and unworkable because conflict itself is a force of nature. Don't believe me look around you, animals in the wild fight for survival, dominance, food, mating rights, etc... This is not only true in the animal Kingdom but also among the plants, and protozoans. Some might say that I am pessimistic for holding this view, but am I?

    How many of the accomplishments of your life are you proud of because they were easy? It is the struggle to attain what we want that makes us value our achievements. Thereby there is always going to be conflicts and strugles between peoples as long as humanity continues to grow and evovle. It is my hope that in time we learn to resolves our conflicts in ways that leave all parties invovled better for their participation rather than weakened or decimated.

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    Oh! Not really too difficult.

    Humans have the ultimate responsibility to act towards furtherence of live forms on this planet. Objectivist philosophy too advocates this theory emphatically.

    "Recognising our INTERDEPENDENCE with everyone and everything around, we must ensure 'life-positive' choice of action, every conscious moment of our life." If just this law is deeply understood and adhered, we might not even need other laws for strict enforcement. Very ancient history of India bears testimony to this fact! There were very few laws. The percolated form of this philosophy is found even today, in the fact that punishments are seldom carried out in a strict sense(irrespective of lots of debates about it)!

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    Well i think the basic law is "do unto others". I think everybody would just want to treat others as they would want to be treated. Personally, I think every person really just wants to be treated with compassion and love. Good ol' JC knew what he was talking about

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    The fundamental, universal law is that of Unity...

    At the fundamental level, we are all the same...

    But you already knew that... ;)

    May The Force be with you...

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    called different names.

    (1) love.

    (2) the one about life.

    (3) attraction.

    (4) peace.

    to me it's a LAW summed up in these: ask, believe, receive. and you do this when consciously or unconsciously asking an/the ANGEL.

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    Look after number one, dude!

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    Sex as everyone does it sometime in their life.

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    Help ever, hurt never.

    Love ever, hate never.

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    You get what you give.

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    be truthful.

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