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求助英文高手 誰可以幫我翻譯英文.整段的.不要kimo翻譯的


1.There is good reason to be enthusiastic about the new class of superconductors. Because liquid nitrogen is quite cheap (a liter of liquid nitrogen costs less than a liter of milk), we can envision electrical power being transmitted over hundreds of miles with no loss of energy. The levitation effect can be used in the operation of trains that ride above (but not in contact with) the tracks. Such trains are fast as well as quiet and smooth-running. Superconductors can be used to build very fast computers, called supercomputers, whose speed is limited by how fast electric current flows. The enormous magnetic fields that can be created in superconductors will result in more powerful particle accelerator, efficient devices for nuclear fusion, and more accurate magnetic resonance image techniques for medical diagnosis.

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