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The third subcategory included service catastrophes. Here, core service failures not only failed to provide the ap-propriate service but actually caused damage to the cus-tomer's person, family, pets, or belongings (“A routine sur-gical procedure almost killed my dog”) or caused the cus-tomer to lose time or money (“I had to rent a car [to go] to work”).

Service encounters were defined as personal interactions be-tween customers and employees of service firms. Service encounter failures were the second largest category of ser-vice switching, mentioned by 34% of respondents: 9% of re-spondents mentioned only service encounters as at least one of two or more reasons for switching.

Service encounter failures were all attributed to some as-pect of service employess' behaviors or attitude: If em-ployees were (1) uncaring, (2) impolite, (3) unresponsive, or (4) unknowledgeable, customers switched service providers. Uncaring service contact personnel did not listen to cus-tomers (“The doctor was very cut and dry [sic] ,and I did not feel she listened to me. She didn't validate mv concerns and discuss them further with me”), ignored customers (“The waitress was practically nonexistent. She never asked if everything was OK or if we needed anything else”), or paid attention to people other than customers (“The barber spent [more] time talking to her boyfriend than paying attention to what she was doing with her scissors”). Uncaring service personnel rushed (“The accountant only talked to us for 20 minutes”) or were not helpful (“The mortgage broker was not helpful to our business at all”), friendly (“The [flight] at- tendant had as much personality as an ATM machince”), or interested in customers (“The plumber seemed to have a lack of caring about us”)

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    第三個子範疇包括的服務浩劫。 這裡,核心服務失敗不僅沒有提供適當的服務,而是實際上造成了對cus-tomer'的損傷; s人、家庭、寵物或者財產(「定期外科手术幾乎殺害了我的狗")或造成顧客丢失时间或钱(「我必須租用汽車[去]工作")。服務遭遇被定義了成服务性企业的顧客和雇員的之间個人互作用。 服務遭遇失敗是服務開關第二大類別,提及34%應答者: 9%應答者提及了僅服務遭遇作為開關的兩個或多個原因之至少一。服務遭遇失敗全部歸因於服務employess'的某一方面; 行為或態度: 如果雇員是(1)心不在焉, (2)無禮, (3)無答復或者(4)無見識,顧客被交換的服務供應商。 心不在焉的服務聯絡人員沒有听顧客(「醫生非常事先準備[sic],並且我沒有感到她听我。 她didn' t確認mv關心並且與我进一步商谈他們"),被忽略的顧客(「女服務員是實際不存在的。 她未曾问一切是否是好的或我們是否需要別的"),或者給予的注意對人除顧客之外(「理髮師燃尽的[更]时间談話與她的男朋友比注意什麼她做着與她的剪刀")。 心不在焉的服务部门衝了(「與我們只談話的會計在20分鐘")或不是有用的(「抵押估价人對我們的事務不是有用的"),友好(「[飛行]在tendant有同样多個性象ATM machince "),或者對顧客感興趣(「水管工似乎有缺乏關心對我們")


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    第三個子範疇包括的服務浩劫。 這里,核心服務失敗不僅沒的提供適當的服務,但是對顧客的人的實際上被造成的損傷,家庭、寵物或者財產(「定期外科手术幾乎殺害了我的狗")或造成顧客丢失时间或钱(「我必須租用汽車[去]工作")。

    服務遭遇被定義了成服务性企业的顧客和雇員的之间個人互作用。 服務遭遇失敗是服務開關第二大類別,提及34%應答者: 9%應答者提及了僅服務遭遇作為開關的兩個或多個原因之至少一。

    服務遭遇失敗全部歸因於服務employess的行為或態度的某一方面: 如果雇員是(1)心不在焉, (2)無禮, (3)無答復或者(4)無見識,顧客被交換的服務供應商。 心不在焉的服務聯絡人員沒有听顧客(「醫生非常事先準備[sic],並且我沒有感到她听我。 她沒有確認mv關心並且與我沒有进一步商谈他們"),被忽略的顧客(「女服務員是實際不存在的。 她未曾问一切是否是好的或我們是否需要別的"),或者給予的注意對人除顧客之外(「理髮師燃尽的[更]时间談話與她的男朋友比注意什麼她做着與她的剪刀")。 心不在焉的服务部门衝了(「與我們只談話的會計在20分鐘")或不是有用的(「抵押估价人對我們的事務不是有用的"),友好(「[飛行]在tendant有同样多個性象ATM machince "),或者對顧客感興趣(「水管工似乎有缺乏關心對我們")

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