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    PART 2

    If you we can make the work, we will donate the hair oil paintings to organizations who are interested to collect.

    God and Saint Maria love human, we wish the artist can dreams come true, to make eternity by hair oil paintings.

    The oil hair paintings can not compare with those famous paintings, but hair oil paintings are very unique works, we wish the two religions will stay forever.

    Our collect time –limit is one year, it will become invalid if we didn’t have enough hair donate.

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    If can complete this work, will donate the country which and the unit will give intends to collect. God and the Saint maternal love common people, hoped that author's hope really, the specific use issues the common people and the god stays behind eternal; The opportunity is leaves understood treasures human. Sends the picture by no means great picture, but is actually one of human culture wisdom biggest artistic values, because sends the picture is the artistic creation which the multi-countries are unable to do; Hoped the author offers a half step, can leave behind the god and the common people most eternal artistic creation for these two religions. Receives a deadline lasts one year, like the population insufficient will expire automatically.

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