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I need some help writing a fake patent application?

Okay so for my physics class I have to write a patent application for this stupid musical instrument I built. I don't even know what a patent application is..

Okay so the assignment was build a musical instrument made from household items capable of completing one octave. And complete a patent application that describes in detail how physics principles apply to the instrument and how the instrument works.

So I have NO idea how any physics principles apply to my instrument.

I used a gladware square container and put 8 rubberbands of different sizes around it. and she said that works for an instrument so it's like a piano.

I have to explain the physics behind how my instrument works.

Ad include the words standing wave, sounding "box", nodes and antinodes, frequency an dpitch, compression rarefaction and beats.

Can someone PLEASE help me with this. I have finals this week and this last big project is just awful :( Thanks so much! It doesn't have to be great.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are taking the patent application aspect of this assignment too seriously. Your teacher is just trying to make the assignment interesting. Just explain how.standing wave, sounding "box", nodes and antinodes, frequency an dpitch, compression rarefaction and beats.are involved in how the rubber bands vibrate and shape the sound.

    If you just look up the meaning of those terms and include their definitions in an essay about your instrument, you be a long way to giving your teacher what is expected. If you explain how they are related to the instrument, you will get at least a B.

    I am including some links to some musical instrument patents. The applications would have been the same text and drawings. But these are just for background information. Don't spend a lot of time studying them. Just get a feel for the format. The teacher wants to see if you understand the physics. The Patent application aspect is secondary. In fact, a real patent application probably wouldn't go into the standing waves, it would just say what size rubber bands to use and how to attach them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Try looking up some real patents; they'll give you an idea of how a patent application looks like. (

    You might also like to try the site I've listed below, it explains how to draft a patent application.

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