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quick question for all of ya'll out there.?

Is there any way I can become a very young singer like Chris Brown, Hannah Montana, or Taylor Swift? If so how? Thanks for your help


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    Yes, anything is possible-if you have the voice that is. (Not assuming that you dont, but just some ppl arent cut out for singing.) It takes time, money, and practice, practice, practice! You have to start out singing at events and go from there. Sing songs that you are good at. Sing at state events/national events if you can.. and that will really help. Learn to play an instrument and play your own songs. Start out with Guitar if you want to be like Miley. Write your own song lyrics, and then after you get pretty good at playing guitar, learn to put music with it. Then go to a studio and record it. Next, make a myspace and then put your songs on there, and then hope to get noticed one day.

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