I downloaded the sims on utorrent, how do i start to play it?

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i download the sims on a u torrent and it says 100 % complete but how do i start to play it?
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You need to have some skills in computing, clearly you don't. You need to know how to open a torrent file. This is usually accomplished by double clicking ;)

After the torrent opens, you will have to burn or mount the file to your hard disk, this is so that the crack file can work on the .exe

Burning will require a blank disc, and mounting will require about 36 hours of waiting. After that, you will then extract the files to a special folder in your HDD called wintex32. Then, burn them on to another disc for backup. Then, modify the properties of the installer using command prompt. Edit the settings of the configuration file
(it should be called, thesims3.ini)

The code should be as follows for the .ini file.



Then leave the rest of the code. Save the edited .ini file into a binary coding and mount again onto the installer. DO NOT BURN THE .INI! IT MUST BE MOUNTED!

Once you mount the config file onto the installer, run the installer. It should be called setup.exe, or maybe thesims3.exe.

Follow the steps in the installation wizard. Then run the game. And tah dah! You have illegally downloaded a game! Now anytime you want to play the game later, either insert the burnt dic, or run the mounted .exe, but you will still need the config file. Enjoy!
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  • J answered 5 years ago
    Quick guide to installing what you downloaded with uTorrent:

    Software you'll need:
    WinRAR http://rarlab.com/download.htm
    DAEMON Tools http://www.disc-tools.com/download/daemo...

    1. In your uTorrent window, right-click on the torrent you just finished downloading --> Open Containing Folder.

    2. If you have a bunch of rar files (.rar, .r00, r.01...), you need to unrar those files first (i.e, to use WinRAR to extract the contents of the rar files):
    Double-click <whatever>.rar (the file with '.rar' extension is the one you wanna open), extract the files inside.

    3. Mount the .ISO/.BIN/.MDF image file with DAEMON Tools:
    Run Daemon Tools, right-click the newly appeared icon in your system tray --> Virtual CD/DVD-ROM --> Device 0: [<assigned drive letter>:] No Media --> Mount Image --> select the image file you just extracted --> Open.
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