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I need to find a Concrete Poem?

I need help finding a concrete Poem HELP!!!

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    Absence by Edwin Morgan

    My shadow --

    I woke to a wind swirling the curtains light and dark

    and the birds twittering on the roofs, I lay cold

    in the early light in my room high over London.

    What fear was it that made the wind sound like a fire

    so that I got up and looked out half-asleep

    at the calm rows of street-lights fading far below?

    Without fire

    Only the wind blew.

    But in the dream I woke from, you

    came running through the traffic, tugging me, clinging

    to my elbow, your eyes spoke

    what I could not grasp --

    Nothing, if you were here!

    The wind of the early quiet

    merges slowly now with a thousand rolling wheels.

    The lights are out, the air is loud.

    It is an ordinary January day.

    My shadow, do you hear the streets?

    Are you at my heels? Are you here?

    And I throw back the sheets.

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