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Pedigree vs Sweet Chin Music?

i prefer sweet chin music but tell me what you think and answer the question and tell how it hurts. best answer wins. thank you

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    sweet chin music cause 1 sweet chin music equals a pin

    and about 3or2 pedigrees equal a pin

    and sweet chin music can make people bleed in one hit sometimes

    and can do sweet chin music any time

    and i think hbk knocked some teeth to some wrestler's

    throat i think it was randy orton

    so yea sweet chin music

    GO HBK

  • 1 decade ago

    Sweet Chin Music will hurt way more.I'll rather get pedigree than getting kick in the chin.

    Sweet Chin Music-A sore mouth.A hurting Chin and Jaw.A few teeth missing.

    Pedigree-A bruised face.A sore nose

  • BTII
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    1 decade ago

    both are fantastic, powerfull moves . And sweet chin music looks cooler. But actually, if you make a comparison Pedigree hits both face and torso. Sweet chin only the face.

    So my answer would be: Most cool: Sweet chin music, most powerfull: pedigree.

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    Sweet Chin Music, it faster, and it looks like it hurts more

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    Sweet Chin music. That actually can knock your teeth down your throat!

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    the pedigree. Because sweet chin music can be ducked,dodged,and blocked. And besides Shawn Michaels sucks.

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    sweet chin it can came out of no where and it looks like a knock out hit

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sweet Chin Music....faster, cooler, deadly, and uh...sweeter!

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    sweet chin music cause ughh... it is good and uhh.... and can knockout any1 no1 ever kicked out of it

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