marketing a commercial cleaning business?

hey guys, whats the best way to market a cleaning business when you have a day time job that you really need until the business gets up and running?

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    1. I take it you have experience in commercial cleaning. Perhaps, if it's not a conflict somehow, you might let previous clients know you are going to be operating your own cleaning business.

    2. Get business cards made up.

    3. Network with your friends and relatives. Give them a supply (5 or 6) of business cards.

    4. Do you have a separate business phone with voice mail? You will need a way for potential customers to call and get hold of you and they will normally do this during business hours.

    5. Print up an inexpensive flyer and have them deliver through the post office to business addresses in the area you want to target.

    6. Set up a website, a free blog will do, outlining your services. List this on as many directories (local or otherwise) and be sure to emphasize your local area. List your business on Google local business, including your website address. You want to appear on the first page when someone searches for a cleaning business in your local area. Use Google Insights ( to identify the best keywords (don't worry if you are in a small community - use the largest city near you, instead). Just remember, people almost always will look for a service or product on Google before they look in any other place.

    7. Send an email to selected local businesses outlining your services. Give them a reason to get in touch with you.

    8. Join your local chamber of commerce and attend events after hours where you can network with business people. Take piles of business cards - don't bring any home.

    9. A business card ad in your local community newspaper. Be prepared to run it for several weeks. These are usually pretty inexpensive and they do work.

    This should get you going until you have enough clients to go full time.

    Source(s): 30 years experience at marketing small businesses and professionals (including cleaning companies!)
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    Hence your situation I will try to keep things short..

    1. "Create your Business' Image"

    - Ready all the basic information that is needed in advertising your

    business (contact details, your services, etc. You get the picture).

    2. "Put your Business on the Map"

    - I suggest that you put up an online page or site to market your business

    (even if it's Facebook). We are now in a era where almost anybody young or

    old do access the internet to search for information. So take the advantage.

    3. "Shout your Name"

    - Eventhough we are in the digital era the old ways of marketing

    still apply. It is still worth the time to prepare business

    cards and flyers to let people around you notice what's

    going on (but keep in mind, not too much just start small).

    4. "Prove Yourself"

    - It's good to start by providing your services at a low price during

    events to showcase your business (If it's cheap why would they hesitate

    right?). Just make sure that you've assured them of quality service.

    5. "Establish your circle"

    - Slowly build-up the reputation of your business and make a friendly

    relationship with your customers (surely they will be your regulars).

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    1 decade ago

    The first thing you need is an understanding of how these businesses come to make decisions about hiring a cleaner. Once you're sure about that, you'll be in much a better position to judge the best marketing tools and strategy to reach them.

    Also, be clear about your point of difference. Why should they hire you over any other cleaner? It can't just be price, because all to often that just means a lower quality job. You need to go the extra yard ... eg. only safe and sustainable products used.

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    I wiped clean small places of work till we moved to a rural discipline and it used to be now not feasible. Charles gave you a few satisfactory suggest, and I'll supply you extra. In those fiscal instances, establishing a provider style trade is mainly one of the crucial extra steady and probably triumphant firms. The secret's to begin as professionally as you'll, advertise some of the best significance of your offerings and goal patrons who want your offerings. Liability coverage (name round for costs-the cost varies) is major, no longer most effective on your security, however a satisfactory earnings software. Having a allow,license and/or DBA is a have to. Having the right types and promotional fabric won't most effective get you within the door however you can have a bigger hazard at getting the process. (see my profile for hyperlinks to my Squidoo lens & web publication on establishing a cleansing trade). Be clever and goal firms that want blank places of work regardless...medical professionals, dentists, attorneys, oh, and funeral properties. They might have already got a cleansing manufacturer however are disillusioned. Find out what they want. Do no longer below cost your festival, however advertise the significance of your offerings. Don't quit, upon getting a couple of places of work below agreement you are to your method.

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    Take advantage of free online directories. Also consider offering online booking. This will allow customers to access your services without having to leave messages for you during the daytime while you're at work. This way, you won't have to worry about missing calls or emails for cleaning.

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    you could get flyers or door hangers printed out and give these away to the community. the local community center, recreational areas, parks, basically high traffic places. if you don't have the time to distribute these, hire some teens who are looking for summer jobs :) you could do this on weekends when people usually go out.

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    Advertise your business worldwide with the help of an advertising company. See the link i have put on the resource box for advertising worldwide.

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    Make flyers and attach them to doors. That's how we found our cleaning lady of 5 years.

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