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Wachovia reported my name to Early Warning Services for suspected fraud.?

I applied for an account there in Jan of 2008, and when I applied online for some reason I accidentally switched two number of my social security number. I did not even notice, and the bank contacted me the next day to tell me that my account was closed for using false information. We figured out the problem, but they still had to close the account and she said I could re-apply. I decided no to, and went into a Bank of America branch instead to open an account. For some reason last month Bank of America did a random check on my account and told me my name was on EWS and they were closing my account. Wachovia reported me for identity theft and suspected fraud! I am so freaked out, it was an accident, and I thought we had worked out the problem. Am I in big trouble?

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    Mistakes do happen when filling out applications. You should contact Wachovia explain the situation and have them remove your name from EWS.

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    No, you are not in big trouble. You might have some explaining to do when getting a new account or a loan, but you will NEVER be prosecuted for ANYTHING on a simple mistake like that.

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