Is there a website or something that can calculate how much a road trip can cost?

I just want to know how much gas money I need, hotel, food, etc. I'm driving to Oklahoma from Florida.

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    I would be suspicious of any website that would have the most current gas prices along the varied routes one could take to get to any location. You could get hotel rates and a rough idea of food costs, but the fuel is going to be your biggest cost.

    Here's what you can do:

    Find out your car's fuel capacity (is it 15 gallons? 18?)

    Consider your average MPG (25? 30 MPG?)

    Determine the total mileage of your trip and divide this by your tank's capacity (if it's a 15 gallon tank and you get 25 MPG, then you can drive about 375 miles on one tank. Divide the distance you are driving by the capacity)

    Find one of the higher prices per gallon of gas in any of the states you're driving and determine how many fillups you'll need based on the higher price. Better to over estimate cost than underestimate, right?

    If you have an idea about how long the trip will take you, make a predetermination as to where you'll stay over night - hotel reservations are typically cheaper than if you just show up.

    To be safe, have some extra cash for any unforeseen mechanical problems - blow-outs or flats, transmission probs, low oil, etc.

    The distance between Jacksonville and Tulsa (eg) is about 1200 miles and could take 17-18 hours to drive. So, if you push it, a two day trip, with a stop in Mississippi or Alabama.

    As a point of comparison, if you drive for 10 hours, you can probably go about 500-600 miles (depending on speed and how many stops you make along the way).

    Good Luck~

  • 4 years ago

    cheaper, safer, and faster to fly, but if you do rent a car, dont rent the smallest one when driving that far! make a fun trip out of it. If you drive, you need to add in getting hotel rooms/food along way, and days when you could have been working instead of driving.

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    yes there is just google

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