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Rate my fantasy football team?

Rate my Fantasy Football team. A, B, C, D, E, or F. Also any changes that I could make to make my team better. (It's a 10 team head to head league)

QB's: Phillip Rivers, Jay Cutler

RB's: Adrian Peterson, Jonathan Stewart, Leron McClain, Willie Parker

WR's: Randy Moss, TJ Housmanzadeh, Derrick Mason, Torry Holt, Percy Harvin

TE: Kevin Boss

K: John Kasey

D/ ST's: San Diego, Tampa Bay

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    Solid team all around. Both QB's are ranked in my top ten, so, I would give them an A. I just released my list of top 10 RB;s on my blog, and Peterson is #2, so good job there. Stewart a great #2 and the other two guys could be very strong, or, not of much value. Parker will depend on his health and McClain will depend on how much the Ravens use him. I would say your backs are an A-. WR's are n A+. You couldn't do better than Moss, aside from maybe Larry Fitz. Houshmanzadeh is going to do big thing in the great northwest and the other 3 are all solid performers. Boss at TE is a solid buy and he should do pretty well in '09, Solid B. You can't go wring with a solid kicker like Kasey who always puts up decent fantasy numbers week-in and week-out, another B. And finally your defenses earn you another A+. You somehow managed to get 2 top 5 defenses and you made the right decision to start San Diego. The Bucs did lose their backbone in Derrick Brooks and may not be as good as they've been in past years. However, both will still perform and help your team drastically. Overall you have a solid A or A- team and you have a good chance of bringing home a ring this season. Good Luck!

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    It looks very solid. I agree your WRs are a bit dicey, but Harvin may surprise. The old rumor about WRs needing 2 seasons has been proven insane every season - last year Eddie Royal proved it

    The other thing I'd do is drop Boss and try to pick up someone from FA. A couple names that may be available: Dustin Keller. Apparently he's tearing through Jets camp and slated to maybe be top receiver on team. He should finish in top 8 of TEs, so if he's available grab him! Others that might be available: John Carlson, Billy Miller (currently running with first team in NO so he may start), Zach Miller (yeah, it's Oakland but he managed to do fairly well) and Visanthe Shiancoe of MN. Any of these guys will be better than Boss.

    Also I'm assuming guys like Owen Daniels, etc are already gone.

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    QB's - excellent depending on the size of your league u may have the best tandem....

    RB's - also very good even better if parker is healthy

    WR's - Moss is very good dont get me wrong but dont expect 20TDs he is getting older and slower....Housh should be good but always worried about recievers with new teams...usually takes awhile to figure out a new QB and playbook...holt and mason are not good...harvin is also a weak option....look for free agents early in the season

    TE - weak spot of your team...the giants drafted a pass catching TE who may take away from some of Boss's looks, Travis Beckum from wisconson...look for an upgrade here as well there has to be someone better available

    K - fine

    D/ST - SD is good TB is a completely different defensive lineup..id stay away until we see what they got...all the regulars have moved on...


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    You have a good team but I feel that your 2nd RB and 3rd WR could be improved. I feel that you could trade one of your QBs and one of your RBs and get a WR and a RB who are better. Harvin might have great season or a bad season. Stewart is sharing carries, McClain is now a fullback and wont see a lot of carries and Parker has a lot to prove and will have Mendenhall ready to back him up. Moss and TJ will have solid seasons, but Mason and Holt can have either a bad season or a great season. Boss is a solid TE and might be Eli's number 1 receiver, who knows.

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    J. Stew isnt someone Id want starting... I mean Id have him on my bench to play him in a match-up day, but not an every sunday starter.

    WRs are strong

    QBs are strong.

    But the main need--RB-- Isnt too strong...

    Try to trade Willie Parker for Kevin Smith or Leron for Smith.

    I expect him to have a good year

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    i say b that is a good team. the only changes you could make would be a 2nd te. just for if boss gets hurt or they will get a bye week.

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