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Do cheap tickets mean a cheap airplane?

Do cheap airplane tickets mean a cheap airplane which has a higher probability of crashing?

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    Definitely not!

    All airplanes need to pass an aircraft inspection, regardless of the plane/company/country. I fly Air Transat often and they sell cheap tickets from Canada to UK. They use the same type of airplane as the AirFrance flight 447 plane that crashed - Airbus A330. The pilots have just as much experience and the aircraft needs to pass the same inspection as any other plane. The only difference is with a cheaper flight you might not get as nice meals in flight, less leg room, smaller seats, no TV..etc!

    However, there our airlines that our frowned upon because of a bad safety record. The European Union has a banned these airline companies from entering Europe. Most of them are from Indonesia or Africa. Here is a list:

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    Not at all. Usually tickets are cheap for two reasons. 1) It is last minute and the airline still has a large number of tickets left or 2) it is a less popular flight time or destination. You should NOT worry about plane crashes. You are 200 times more likely to be in a car accident than in plane accident.

    Good Luck

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    No. Airlines will sometimes have promotional airfares to encourage people to travel. Plus everyone on the flight paid a different ticket price than you did. The person sitting next to you could have only paid $39 each way on their flight and the other person who bought their ticket sitting across from you could have paid $1,200 for their ticket.

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    I recently purchased mine last week with Expedia my one way ticket to Hawaii only cost me 360 $ all other prices were outrageous. Or kayak

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    Absolutely not. All aircraft must pass safety inspections by the FAA periodically. If they are not suitable to fly, they will not. No exceptions.

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    no one is flying that much so you get cheaper tickets to fill the planes

  • No, thats untrue.

    But if it was, i paided 2,500 pounds to my flight to jamaica next week ;)

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    So times or it just means that u got to keep some money

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