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Deos anyone know how much the Mass Mutual income subsidy is for new agents?

Deos anyone know how much the Mass Mutual income subsidy is for new agents?

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    Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company is looking to hire 20 to 30 agents to beef up its Triangle and central North Carolina presence, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

    The effort is part of a national campaign to add as many as 2,000 employees to the payroll of the 157-year-old mutual insurance company. The Springfield, Mass.-based firm sells life, disability and long-term care policies, among other insurance products.

    Company spokesman Staasi Heropoulos says, as part of its recruitment efforts, MassMutal will offer its new sales agents “significant compensation,” educational benefits up to the master’s degree level and bonuses.

    The company is making a similar push in markets in Florida, Texas, Colorado and Georgia.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, but I'd avoid the subsidy (or at least look into avoiding it) because it may affect your vesting period. If I could start over in the business I'd opt for immediate vesting (which is what I have on everything now), but I gave up alot from the first six years in the business where I had a 20 (yes, twenty) year vesting schedule. It's a crime. I would've made up in renewals any amount of subsidy they gave me up front.

    Become a broker there instead.

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  • 5 years ago

    This is one HUGE scam. Don't walk RUN from it!

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