Anyone know any good places to go in Victoria, Canada?

My mum lives in Canada and I'm going to go visit her in the summer. I'll be there for three weeks, and she'll be working 3 days a week, so I need to find some way to amuse myself when I'm there.

Does anyone know anywhere I can go when I'm on my own?

(I'm 15(16 when I'm there)and I like museums, music, shopping centres, coffee shops, parks and animals).

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  • Jeff H
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    1 decade ago
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    There are a variety of activities available to keep you busy in Victoria so I am sure that you will not have any trouble. Based on your stated interests there are a number of shopping centres throughout the Victoria region including The Bay Centre located in downtown Victoria and The Mayfair Mall a short bus ride out of the downtown area.

    The downtown area of Victoria is an excellent place to see and, within a reasonable walk you can see a variety of things from the BC Legislature Buildings, The Royal BC Museum and National Geographic IMAX Theatre, many small shops, cafes and coffee shops, as well as Beacon Hill Park which runs from just behind the Museum to the Pacific Ocean. You can also stroll along the Inner Harbour which often has a variety of entertainment during the summer months. Heading into town you will find Market Square and the Maritime Museum complete with resident ghosts. Heading a different direction down antique row you will come to an area containing Craidarroch Castle and the Government House which is the home of the Lieutenant Governor of BC, presently Steven Point. Although the house itself is not open to the public the grounds around it are. If you enjoy gardens of course then no trip is complete without a trip to Butchart Gardens. I have included a link below to one website with information on Victoria which should assist you. Oh yes, I recommend, if you want an evening stroll, the Ghostly Walks. They run every evening during the summer and are a good way to learn about the "spooky" side of Victoria.

    In any case, as I have said, there is a lot to do in Victoria, I have been going there for years and still find new things to do. I hope that you enjoy your stay while there.

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    The Royal British Columbia Museum is excellent. You can spend most of the day there, especially if there's a good temporary exhibit on.

    There are other smaller museums and galleries. Shopping on Government Street is much more interesting than shopping in a mall.

    The Parliament Buildings (officially The Legislature) has free tours on weekdays.

    Two castles (Hatley and Craighdarroch)

    Government House (official residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia) is closed to the public but the grounds are open and quite beautiful in spring and summer and the views of the mountains and ocean are spectacular.

    Beacon Hill Park, close to the town centre as well as many other parks.

    Beautiful walks along the water

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Wax Museum, Buchart Gardens, Butterfly Zoo, Bug Zoo, to name a few.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    BC museum.Ride the tally ho mayfair shopping mall harbour ferries get a bus pass Go to hellobc and tourismvictoria for free info

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    This is a detailed answer I gave to similar question.

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    go see craigdarroch castle its amazing

  • 1 decade ago

    you can walk around the island! lol

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