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What does TCD stand for in driving terms.?

I got a ticket last night because I had to turn left on a road, but in order to head in that direction, I had to drive further down the road then do one of those turn around things to had back up the road, then turn right to go in the direction I needed; however, instead of doing all that, I just turned into a parking which had another entrance that would put me in my desired direction. I got pulled over, and my traffic ticket said i "drove through private property in order to avoid the TCD." What does TCD stand for. And furthermore, when did a Wendy's parking lot become "private property?" lol

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    I think it stands for a Traffic Control Device.

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    Wendy's parking lot is property owned by Wendy's, silly boy.

    All land is owned. The main roads are owned by the state. The properties around the roads are owned by individuals and companies.

    You are on private property with the property owner's permission. Wendy's allows you to use their parking lot for parking while eating at their restaurant.

    It is always illegal to cut through corner stores to get around a traffic light. Including gas stations, fast food stores, whatever.

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