why are my friends getting instant message from my yahoo and im not even sign on. is always about acti ber?

from ac ti berry diet its alway the same. More than 3 friends get this and im not even sign on


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    That is a virus doing that. Removing messenger and reinstalling it won't fix it. You need to find the virus and remove it. To do this go here http://filehippo.com/

    Look under the heading "most popular downloads" get CCleaner Next look under the heading "anti-spyware" get spybot search and destroy and windows defender. Next look at the heading "anti-virus" Get avast! home edition. Next go here http://download.cnet.com/Glary-Registry-Repair/300...

    That is a link to download Glary registry repair. Run all of these programs let them remove anything they find that should be removed. After running these programs reboot and see if the problem stops.

    I replied to your email, I also did some research and found some other free Anti-virus programs that have excellent ratings! Go here I use this site often http://majorgeeks.com/

    On the left hand side select Anti-virus...Here is the direct link to a program that looks good http://majorgeeks.com/Anti...worm_d4638.html

    Select to download from major geeks USA

    This another direct link to download from the same site, this one looks even better http://majorgeeks.com/Avira_AntiVir_Personal_-_FRE...

    again select to download from major geeks USA

    before downloading these you can read the description of each one. All of the downloads I have listed are free

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    That is a sign that you have a virus or worm on your computer that can be spread through yahoo messenger. Never click on links somebody sends you unless you are sure it can be trusted. This goes for email too. You might think it is from a friend but it is really not. Infected computers can target everybody on somebody's contact list. Uninstalling yahoo messenger will not remove the infection from your computer. You need to run anti-virus and anti-spyware scans.

    You need anti-virus protection with real-time protection (shields). One that is up to date and able to receive virus definitions every day. Here is where you can read about the best commerical anti-virus programs: http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.co... . You should have only one anti-virus program installed on your computer. Because anti-virus programs have real time protection more than one can cause conflicts and not work as well. And you must have one to protect your computer at all times. You can safely use online virus scanners to supplement your main anti-virus program. Here is a link for some free online scanners:


    If you cannot afford to pay for an anti-virus protection then you should get one of the free anti-virus software available. They are not as good as the commercial ones but still can do a good job and are very necessary. You can read about the free ones here: http://www.techsupportalert.com/pc/security-tools.... . Look under “ Best Free Antivirus Software.”

    But anti-virus protection is not enough. You also need anti-spyware protection that has real time protection. One of the top rated commercial ones is Webroot Spy Sweeper. Two of the best free spyware scanners are Malwarebyte's Anti-malware and SUPERAntiSpyware. These will not have real time protection that commercial ones do. But you would use them to scan. You should use at least 2 free ones that do not have the real time protection. If you have a commercial anti-spyware program you can still use a couple free ones without real time protection to supplement. You can find free anti-spyware programs on the same link as above but look under “Best Free Adware/Spyware/Scumware Remover.”

    On the same link you can look into free trojan scanners too. The best commercial one is Trojan Hunter.

    One last important note. Often free security programs have to be manually updated while the commercial ones have automatic updates. It is vital that you keep your security programs up to date with the latest malware definitions.

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