hello every one can anybody help me with this. 1.Do you think English is a difficult language to learn?

2. What is the most difficult thing about English?3.Why are you learning English?4.What do you think you will be be able to do your English in the future? Ineed an explaination for this questions help me please.

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    hello, i am glad to answer your question as i am also an english learner.

    firstly,i don't regard english as a difficult language or i wont love it so much.now it has been 7years since i studied english.loh!

    secondly,i think the most difficult point as to learn english may be the vocabulary.I always come up with such a problem that no matter how hard i have recited the words if i don't review it for a long time ,it would be quite easy for me to forget them.

    Thirdly,i study english because i love language .now i am studying koran as well,but actually my major is economics.besides,i plan to work in multinationals so language will be a powerful weapon for me in the futher .loh!

    fourthly,as you know ,english has become an international language that if you are equipped with english you can almost go everywhere without interpreters which saves you a big sum of money,loh!Ok to be more serious,you can be occupied as a interpreter,or diplomat,or ambassador.Also you it can be easier for you to find job in multinationals.

    Anyway,good luck! by the way my yahoo ID is xuetaozeng .hope to see you in yahoo messenger !loh!

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  • elzey
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    3 years ago

    I've studied a couple of languages, and discover the romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian) a lot less difficult & extra logical than English. I discover German & Russian to be more difficult than English for the reason that of the declensions. And I on no account did get the dangle of guessing the proper vowels in Hebrew & Arabic! But a four-12 months-historical is evidently stressed out to study language comfortably (anything language that can be). I'm no little one growth informed, however I'd advise simply studying out loud to him a few extra whilst he watches the phrases. He'll opt for it up from listening & looking with no need to sound out the man or woman letters whenever. In different phrases, allow him soak up the sounds alternatively of getting to generate the sounds himself, and his mind will mechanically internalize the relationship among how the phrases appear & how they sound (adding all the ones exceptions that come up).

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Yes.

    2. Recognizing parts of speech. In it's infinitive, verbs cannot be realized to be verbs unless they have been seen before. Unlike in some languages that the words endings can give clues as to what part of speech it is from. Like in Italian, verbs have one of three endings (are, ere, ire), English doesn't have this (look, run, jump).

    Also in a sentence, all subjects have the same verb: I run, you run, we run, they run, except he runs but whatever. In other languages it's easier to infer the subject by the verb because of it's ending.

    SO! English is a pretty difficult language to learn. I learned it because I live in an English speaking country.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. English is the easiest language to learn a little of, but it's one the hardest to learn very well.

    2. Irregular spellings - I'm willing to bet English has more foreign words than any other language.

    3. Well, one can always learn more about their native language... :)

    4. everything?

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  • 1 decade ago

    No is difficult language to learn, is a simple language no is so hard.

    the most difficult that I think is the talking and listening, because we are not accostumed to hearing english in everytime, but the grammar is easier that you can live with it in daily.

    I always like english, i thought the english a language very beautiful, sthen a i started to learn english.

    Very things i will can travel to around the world, without a tradutor side of me,rsrsr. and my chance to get a job out of my country is more.

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  • 1.no

    2.i think being gramatically correct with everything you say and write

    3.basically because it's the global langauge

    4.yoo need the english language for you to be globally competitive in working aspect .. and ofcourse to be able to communicate almost with everybody ..

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes and no.

    it's just a matter of analyzing the words,sentences,and stuff.

    English is the universal language that's why we hafta to learn about it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No way, there is other language that would be a lot more difficult.

    Like chiniese:最,你,他,我,老师... Because I'm chiniese and I know it.

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