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Is allen iverson going to be traded to the charlotte bobcats?

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    He isn't going to be traded. But you are right. It most likely that he is going to play for his old coach, Larry Brown. Coach Brown already said that he does not mind coaching Iverson once again. Also, it is pretty much a guarantee that Iverson will be a free agent, but still has a high chance of landing in Charlotte.

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    That would be a good fit since they can just give him the ball and shoot around. That's why Iverson has to go to a bad/mediocre team because he wants to be the primary scorer and have the ball in hands on Offence every possesion. No good team will let him take 40 shots per game except maybe the JAzz cause they dont have a consistent scorer, but thats just my opinion.

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    As a Piston fan I sure hope so. He would probably be good in Charlotte since he and Larry Brown have worked together before in Philadelphia.

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    i dnt thnk he will go 2 charlotte he been a free agent since da post season!it will be nice 2 see him go bac 2 philly again 2 bac up miller but i thnk a team dat is in need of an okay guard will pick him up

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    his contract has already been waived

    and he is a free-agent since

    the post-season, since they have stuckey

    um i reackon he should go back to sixers

    were he had the most sucess

    and with igoudala more experienced

    thumbs up. btw im saying this

    cause i think miller wants to leave...


    not actually 100 happen

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    is a pretty good defensive lineup in the east, kinda undersized backcourt though against joe johnson, rip hamilton, iguodala, ray allen etc

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    iverson needs a championship ring to put on his resume so he needs to go to a championship calibur team with a great superstar becuz he can't do it himself no more... a good team for him where he's in the right system ...

  • I think he will go to the Bulls.

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    most likely

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    i believe he is a free agent

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