Hong Kong girls fashion- 20pts

Hello! I am from America and I am going to visit my cousins in one week. They live in Hong Kong, and I was wondering what the fashion is right now!

I am 16 years old, so please leave answers that are for girls that age! Also, please leave answers in English because I can't read Chinese (I can speak Cantonese though). >.< Sorry for the trouble, that is why I am making this question 20 points!

Please include popular brands and styles! How much do these brands cost (in Hong Kong dollars is fine). ^.^

I know that it is very hot in Hong Kong in the summer (I have been there before and I love Hong Kong!). Do you wear shorts? If you do, how short are they (knee length, half way down thigh, or length in cm please!)?

Thank you very, very much! ^.^

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    I think you can take a look of the young girl models and singers of Hong Kong. For models, you can search on the Internet Angelababy and Janice Man. For singers, you can search 傅穎 (just copy and paste it and search it in Yahoo! search). They are trendy and many girls imitate their dressing style. If you ask what brand names and the costs of the clothes exactly they are dressing, sorry, I don"t know it in detail but very often they have their designers to help them choose what to dress.

    The next question is about shorts wearing. On the street, there are different style including the examples you mentioned. Therefore, you can choose one you feel comfortable and love.

    I"d like to make friends who speak different languages. Maybe you can send e-mail to me and ask me more questions about Hong Kong, I am willing to answer.

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