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    this is called "international marriage"....

    • How to fill out the marriage report form

    - You should provide in the marriage report form the following information (Please note that the information specified in item 3 must be provided along with a letter of agreement by both parties. (Article 71, 「Act on Registration, etc., of Family Relationship」):

    1. Provide both parties’ name, origin of surname, date of birth, citizen registration number, and place of the registration.

    ※ A foreign national is required to provide his/her name, date of birth, and nationality.

    2. Provide the name, citizen registration number, and the place of the registration of the parties’ parents or adoptive parents.

    3. Specify if the parties have reached an agreement over the surname of their children. (Proviso to Article 781.(1), 「Civil Act」).

    4. Confirm that the marriage is not consanguineous. (Article 809.(1), 「Civil Act」).

    How to submit a marriage report

    - A marriage report shall be submitted in writing with co-signatures of both parties and two adult witnesses, and you are not permitted to delegate the obligation to your agent. (Article 812.(2), 「Civil Act」; Article 31.(3), 「Act on Registration, etc., of Family Relationship」).

    all details u can chk from

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