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Steam Login Problem!!!!!!?

So here is my problem...

I went to the steam community website and loged in, i was already loged onto steam (like on my desktop) and a message appeared on my computer that said something like "your steam account has been activated on another computer" something like that. So now it wont let me login to steam and i dont know what to do. plz help i need my CS:S! 10 points for some1 to help me


NO! my account was not stolen... i loged into my account on the steam WEBSITE AND I WAS ALREADY LOGED IN ON MY COMPUTER U KNOW LIKE SO I CAN PLAY GAMES!!!

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    What you want to to do is immediatly contact steam support and open a ticket. In that case all you have to do is provide proof that this is your account, such like a credit card number or any other credentials. After they review this they reset your account in which you can re-login with a provided password. This has happened to me as well, it means that it could be a hijack, and you want to immediatly contact steam, it may take some time for them to answer, but they will. Good luck

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    I have a new computer and downloaded Steam. I want to download some games out of my Library, but there is no "Library" heading (but there is for Store, Community, etc.) that I can access; altho it is there on my old computer. How can I access my Library?

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    Do you ensue to apply torrents in any respect? if so, do you ensue to have a peer blockading application? if so, then close it! i've got had issues like this interior the previous with Steam, I had PeerBlock working.

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    sounds like your account was stolen lol

    make a post there or just go straight to

    and click what best suits your problem

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    acount error

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