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Plane- United Airlines?


I am soon to be travelling on the United Airlines 747-400 from Sydney to LA

Could you please tell me what this aeroplane is like?

Thanks Heaps

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    United Airlines are renowned for their lack of service sadly, travelling with them many times myself I have to say they are not bad really. However their disgusting idea to charge passengers for their food regardless of flight time is ridiculous!!

    I have broken down the flight for you:

    Economy service:,6722,1134,00....

    The actual aircraft is rather generic with seat in a formation of 3:4:3

    Hope this helps!

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    The 747-400 is a long-distance aircraft that is manufactured by Boeing. Depending on the configuration, the 747-400 can hold over 400 passengers. Most airlines only put 380 or so seats. I doubt United Airlines has the personal TV in this aircraft but you can go to to confirm.

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    Check this link out: It will tell you all the best seats and the complete layout of the plane. Looks like a nice little jet!

    Enjoy Sydney, I am a little jealous.

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    yes my friend. This is a rather large bird. I think you will be impressed at the size of it but it can have sometimes 3 seats an aisle then two more in the middle and then three more on the aisle. there most likely will be a coach section and a first class section.

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