So if IMTA is a scam and John Robert Powers & John Casablancas is a scam how does one get into modeling?

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    You definitely don't get into modeling by paying for classes or modeling showcases. I worked for a top NY agency and we never signed anyone who said they went to a modeling school. And we used to sue various model competitions/showcases/expos who told participants that are agency sent scouts - we never did, nor did the other major agencies.

    You get into modeling several ways:

    * be lucky enough to be scouted by a scout/agent from an agency. This could happen anywhere - Kate Moss at JFK airport, Gisele at a food court in Sao Paulo, Natalia V at a flower market in Russia, Gemma Ward at a mall in Perth, Erin O'Connor at Clothes Show Live, etc

    * send in your pictures to agencies like Ford, Elite, IMG, Women, DNA, Next, Major, Supreme, MC2, One, LA Models, Vision, NY Models, Q, Red, Click, Trump, Marilyn, Wilhelmina, etc. If they don't have info on their website, call and ask what sort of pictures you need to submit. This is the most common way of being discovered.

    * attend open calls at agencies. Some like Ford have weekly open calls in their offices. You just show up at the scheduled time, meet an agent, and they tell you if you have potential or not

    * enter a legitimate competition sponsored by an actual agency, magazine or clothing/makeup brand, which are free to enter - Ford Supermodel of the World, Elite Model Look, Seventeen Magazine, Roxy, Cover Girl, Delias are just some companies with their own annual model searches

    None of the ways above will cost you a cent to enter.

    Source(s): worked for a top NY agency
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    That's all great for moels who are seen on the streets. however, I have been a judge at the IMTA for three years running and have found kids who got close on Pilots an features out of it. Where else..besides attending high school productions in des moines..or some other market we never get to is a ny agent who launches careers going to see kids who would otherwise have a lousy headshot thrown out of my mail, can I get a sense of if they "have it" or not? at a convention that is run properly and with a tight schedule with schools and individuals who want to take the shot and know there are no guarantees going in. I feel it is on the parents and the others who would influence these kids to decide whether they realistically have a chance at going somewhere in this business., Take a look at the lines at The Voice auditions or American Idol. The marketplace approach works...

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    Well that's just it. Most people DO NOT get into modeling because they were never right for the industry in the first place. The reasons those scams work day after day, month after month and year after year is because too many young women and men WANT to believe that they are model material. That being a model will somehow validate them as "goodlooking", "attractive" or "hot".

    Modeling is an indusrtry of advertising and marketing of both product and to some extent people. A model is a business entity unto his or herself and as such must invest in themselves, their business so that advertisers and such see the merits of using that person in the ads or campaigns. So that means doing research. There are books on the subject. Do the legwork and find them.

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    Wow, is it really a scam???? I heard that they've had some of the top people come from there. Like that Brenda Song girl from Disney Channel. I actually auditioned 2 years ago, & I got selected but I had to pay 2,000 dollars & at the time we didn't have the money, so I took down the offer. I've been actually thinking about going back lately, but now I don't know. Are there any better places in NY, NY?

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