Anybody else think Bjorn Borg is kind of an ***?

I mean, the guy privately thanked Nadal for taking down Fed at Wimbledon to preserve his record and privately texted Soderling when he beat Rafa. What a dick, this guy obviously dwells too much on his past knowing his legacy overshadowed be recent greats like Sampras, Agassi, Fed, Nadal etc. I'm not saying I don't respect him, I actually have great admiration for him, just seems kinda rude.

Records ARE meant to be broken.

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    That seems a little harsh. I don't think he is an ambassador for the sport like Agassi, McEnroe, or even Federer, but remember this... Borg was so dominant in his era that he retired with plenty of gas in the tank. He either got bored or he saw the changing course of the game and realized that his touch and grace and skill was going to get clobbered by the new generation of technology and it's up and coming stars such as Ivan Lendl.

    Bjorn left competitive tennis so long ago and his personal life has been full or financial mistakes and pitfalls. His records, his legacy, that is all he has left. It is sad but I try to remember him how he was on the court and not how he acts away from it.

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    You know, that's a really good question. I felt the same way when the story came out about his texting both Rafa and Soderling (Soderling I can understand as he's a fellow Swede) but I also remember last years Wimbledon where Bjorn proclaimed that Rafa would win it all from the beginning of the tournament. The comments he made not only REALLY showed his obvious preference for Nadal but he made some not so nice statments about Roger being all washed up, etc. I'm sure that hearing those comments - during the tournament as well - really hurt Roger and it was very unnecessary of Borg to do that in my opinion.

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    You hear so many good things about Bjorn Borg and I still can't believe he privately texted Soderling when he beat Rafa. I am sure Rafa will get more clay court titles than him in the future but it is still hard to believe coming from a Champion of his calibre.

    I just didn't like how he told Rogi to retire last year when he was going through a bad phase. Thank God, Rogi had the sense of not listening to him otherwise he would have missed what we are seeing today. Bjorn should have talked privately to Rogi about this issue. Instead, he chose to speak publicly which was so awkward at that time. Anyways, Rogi believed in himself and did win the USO 2008 and of course the FO 2009.

    Rogi and Rafa are smart individuals and I am sure these things are not going to affect them at this stage of their career. All the best to both of them.

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    I know it seems like that but he's not.

    he was happy for Nadal, but I think it was a light hearted joke.

    He text Soderling because he is Swedish, just like Henman would text Murray and not Nadal or Federer.

    They are all good players, and yes Bjorg may be jealous, but most of these guys are nice, and maybe his legacy is important to him?

    He can't change the result of matches and it he's not insulting Federer.

    I think Federer fans have a point though because if anyone did these things to Ivanovic or Murray I would be angry.

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    I liked this guy, saw some of his old matches, he was really good, but my liking went down a few notches when I read abt his msges and all that. I think maybe in a way he resents Fed (natural when someone goes after your engraved in metal records lol)..anyway, I saw him once at this tournament a couple yrs back (cant remember what but Fed was up against Djoko). Anyway, Fed was gonna take down another Borg record and he made it a pt to watch and after Roge had done it, the cam zoomed in on BB and he had this pained expression on his face, like he tried to smile but it came out as a grimace lol. It was then I realized it was a huge thing to him so yeah maybe the txts and comments were a jk but also in a way it had some truth in it.

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    I've been thinking the same thing. When I heard about the text messages, I just thought it was kind of odd that he would do that... unless he wasn't actually dead serious about "thanking" Nadal and Soderling, and meant it as a joke. :D If he WAS serious, then "gracious" is something he isn't.

    EDIT: I heard about these text messages from the commentators during the FO. I doubt they would make something like this up...? On the other hand, I wonder why they would know about it...? :P Anyway, my point is that the asker is not fabricating a story. :D

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    I'm sure he said this hoping the rest of the world can take a JOKE...

    I mean he was obviously trying to compliment Soderling, not keep his records, I mean when you compliment your friends do you do it in a dead serious way? No. Borg has a right to make a nice compliment just like anyone else in the world, with a joke.

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    I saw the interview and I think he could. Rafa's still gotta improve his serve, stay inside the court more, mix up his shots, and use the net to his advantage. The biggest thing is for Rafa to go into 2008's Wimbledon at 100% strength. He's shown Roger that he's not scared of his presence and I like that in him. The fact that Rafa's a spaniard talking about winning Wimbledon, is amazing considering those who came before him didn't take Wimbledon seriously. If he believes he can, then he will. Before the end of his career, he should have all 4 of the major titles. Vamos, Rafa @ Wimbledon '08!!!!!

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    No more, it wasn't guys like Lendl He was scared of. It was John Mcenroe who he was scared to lose any more grand slams to. It was Johnny Mac who finally started to get the better of Borg starting with the 4 set win at Wimbledon, and then again at the US Open in 4 sets in 81. This was the last time Borg ever played in a grand slam final.. Please don't say it was Lendl he was scared of when really He beat Lendl with ease on more than one occasion.

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    Bjorn Born is Swedish that solves the Soderling question.(Did you know Soderling is Swedish?)

    Rafa worked hard to win Wimbledon - as a fellow Champion Bjorn congratulated him on his success.

    Did you know that is considered polite in civilized society?

    Do you read all personal private text messages?

    Are you the phanthom hacker?

    Gees I would hate to have you as a family member - what a mixer -.

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