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St. Petersberg, Florida ocean Fishing? NEED HELP!!?

I might be going down to my condo in Florida in July. It is about in the middle of Florida on the gulf coast on the beach. I want to try to do some fishing. I have my pole and reel. Should i try surf fishing or go under a bridge or go on a pier? Or do all of them or just some? What pier is the best on the western side of Florida ON THE GULF COAST IN ST PETERSBERG. what will give me the best chance of catching any kind of fish? What bait should i use if i surf fish? pier? bridge? what rig? I need to know all! what time is it best to fish? What type of fish will i be catching? I need to know all of it! Im new at this saltwater fishing. Thanks!!!!

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    i live in the st pete area as well and i love to go fishing either on the skyway pier or the fort de sota pier both are nice. i use either just shrimp or squid, i mean u get bites with both of these, if u want an adventure go to johns pass under neither the bridge and use fake bait cuz there seems to be alot of snook underneath there but be aware cuz the tide is pretty wicked and rocks are an issue. if u take the boat out i suggest going right around the skyway bridge area and i would take it out later in the night (this is what my uncle does and catches some big ole snook and such). just about anywhere down here in the st pete/tampa bay area ur gonna have fun and ur gonna get bites trust me

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