what kind of graphics card should i get?

I have a 3 yr old dell dimension e310 and have never done anything with it. but recently i decided to turn it halfway decent by upping its ram. now that i've done that, i want to buy a graphics card, but i dont know what to get. Its a dell dimension e310 with a 230 watt power supply, 2.8 gig proccessor and pci ports. I have capped my spending at about $200 for both the card and the new power supply i will need. so what's the best combo? any suggestions?

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  • beers
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    1 decade ago
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    If you have only PCI ports, I'd save the money for a new system. The current one won't be doing you any favors by dumping money into it.

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    In all honesty, I'd say don't bother. If it's only using a 230 watt power supply then I'm pretty sure the PC is pretty low tech and very outdated.

    You'd be better replacing the PC then throwing money at it.

    Go look on ebay, they have a few ready made systems cheap, or you could buy a new motherboard/CPU/RAM/PSU and graphics card and put them in your old case.

    Just make sure you buy a dual core PC with at LEAST 2GB ram and graphics wise, you want an nvidia 8600 or better, preferably an 8800 GT/GTS if you want to play games with decent graphics. or a 9600GSO/8800 GS if your on a budget.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    depends on mother board pc slot, I would go with a 8600gt for nvidia hdmi and cheap runs most games at low-mid setting and 2400 pro for ati hdmi about 30$ and overclocks like a beast good for online games

    The 9800gt is also a very goos sli compatible and low power consuming card maybe even the best for the buck.

    Source(s): I wouldnt spend 200 dollars on that computer. Please don't! I would either get a low power consumption graphics card and a 350watt psu, or buy a new motherboard and cpu, graphics card and power supply for 200 bucks amd x2 5000 dual core cpu for 60$ motherboard with pcix16 slot for 50$ that is compatable with your ram evga 9500gt 60$ name brand 350watt psu 30$ but then you would need an OS too So in your case I would get a cheap 8600gt and a named brand good quality 350watt psu, but check reviews and amps. So in the future when you want to build a new computer you an use the psu and you can sli your 8600gt cards.
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    probably get a new pc. even if you upgrade the pc, sometime down the road it is going to become out dated or broken, best off getting new pc, i have been in the same situation of deciding whether to upgrade old pc or buy new pc and i chose to buy a new pc because it worked out cheaper, easier and you could just sell your old one to make a bit of cash and new pc's will have atleast a year or more warranty if something were to break

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  • shake
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    4 years ago

    warning ,hp pavilion would not take specific picture card i understand i very own one ,i had to downgrade my geforce card from 256mb to 128mb'so as that my dvd will play dvds video clips suitable,and for documents superhighway pictures,in case you have a intel processor,or a greater grade amd processor ,you ok,pci exhibit is the suitable way

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Probably a Geforce 9500GT.


    These things are pretty nice.

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