What is the HUD document that you get when closing a home loan?

I am refinancing my condo (to get a better interest rate). The title company called me and said they need a copy of my HUD document from the original loan. I went through all the old paper work, and cannot find anything like that. Should I have this considering the first loan is a traditional 30 year loan?

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    Title company is looking for your HUD-1 statement from your loan. If you kept your documents it is a legal size document with lots of lines and numbers about closing fees, origination points, escrow fees, loan amount and other numbers covering your closing and the amount it cost you.

    This document is required by federal law for all refinance and purchase of real property.

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    What Is A Hud Document

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    You will need to find your HUD-1 statement that you have with your original documentation. You should have this somewhere at it contains information on fees and values associated with the original HUD home purchase. Try visiting the HUD website or other resources for more information on how the HUD 1 form is obtained.

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    Refinancing a home is not the same as selling, so you should be fine. All you'll need to do is prove you have the ability to repay (e.g., have a job). If your credit is bad, you may end up paying a higher interest rate. But having 100% equity in the house is a strong bargaining chip. You shouldn't have any trouble.

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    With all of the properties that I have bought and sold, I've never had that question. If you can't find it, call the escrow company that closed the transaction and they should have a copy of it.

    Your lender will not.

    You may also try your accountant or where you put your taxes because you would have needed that to get some deductions for the year that you bought the property.

    Source(s): I buy & sell real estate.
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    If your credit is bad then you won't qualify for a home equity loan. Talk to your local bank and see if they can help.

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    probably interest rate and insurance provision

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