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Why are so many women naive?

another story of a murder off of craigslist

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    Naivete is hardly a solely feminine trait. Most of the people who invested all their money in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme were men, may I remind you. ("20 percent returns year after year when the market is only averaging a quarter of that! Yeah! It's a miracle! Let's not ask questions!")

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    Now were these men naive to think they'd survive or just plain stupid-who thinks cutting your head off is a good idea? At least the women were killed by psychos, not killed by killing themselves while trying to outdo someone:

    Macho Men? 1996 Darwin Awards Winner:

    I'd prefer to be naive and trusting vs just plain dumb.

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    Because its easier. Its a bit like saying "Men only want one"<-- Its easier for women to believe that because it means they don't have to blame themselves for not being able to please a man and keep him around.

    Its just easier for them to get thru their oh so difficult and very unfair lives :P.

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    That's an occupational hazzard for those girls.

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