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What is the different between badminton shoes and tennis shoes?

Is there anything different between badminton and tennis shoes? Because I have to design something, and my idea is to combine those together, can you guys tell?

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    badminton shoes have a very tacky indoor sole and are very flat (to prevent rolling over on ankle) and lightweight, breathable and flexible. Tennis shoes can vary depending on surface and can be a bit more bulky/substantial but same sorta style.

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    Please ignore a lot of the answers that say "why not"? The answer is yes they can but tennis shoes are heavier and slightly less flexible and hence not conducive for jump shots. The soles for hardcourts can be used on wooden badminton courts. However the tennis shoes used on clay/grass need to be avoided for badminton as traction will increase thereby increasing chances of injury due to the shoes staying where they are and your body moving when you make sudden movements. If you regularly play both games, i suggest you get specific shoes. I do not suggest using badminton shoes on tennis courts as the soles will wear out really fast on tennis hard courts.

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    no difference except i think the tennis shoes is flatter and has a more reinforced heel, and the badminton shoe is more like a running one...

    hope this helped ::)

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    i don't think there should be much of difference because both shoes should serve the purpose of giving grip and in badminton it should be either wooden finish or cement or synthetic and so is tennis except for clay and grass and so both should be the same.

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