Is David Archuleta a Filipino?

Is David Archuleta a Filipino?

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    No, but he has a lot of Filipino fans!

    David's mother's ancestry is Honduran and his father's ancestry is Spanish, Basque and bits of Danish, Irish/German, and a tiny bit of Iroquois indian according to Jeff Archuleta.

  • Angela
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    4 years ago

    No - he's Honduran on his mom's side and a mix of Basque (part of Spain) and small amounts of other on his father's side. But he's sort of an honorary Filipino. Some of the people David has worked with in the Philippines say David's optimism, kindness, faith and moral values are similar to Filipino values. And David loves the Philippines. He's very popular in the Philippines and SE Asia and he had a number of tours there in 2011. David didn't have a lot of time to do stuff after he announced in late December 2011 that he would be serving a full-time 2-year Mormon mission. But he wanted to leave as much as possible for the fans. In 10 whirlwind weeks he was filmed as leading man in the 5-week miniseries Nandito Ako, recorded the Philippines OPM album Forevermore including a music video, did Bench photoshoots and promotions that led to some building-high billboards of him in Manila, plus a side trip to Singapore to do a small acoustic concert for Fox. Then he came back to US and started another album called BEGIN. that will be released in the US in August (inspirational covers and I think 2 originals). He did all of that in 10 weeks to leave as much as he could for his fans, and he worked up through the day before his mission. David started his mission on March 28 and he is now serving in South America. BTW follow him on Twitter - he is DavidArchie and since he cannot tweet from his mission, his manager Kari updates his twitter with news, treats and bits from David's mission emails.

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    No. he`s of Latino descent

  • 1 decade ago

    No. He's a latino!

    Source(s): He said so
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  • 1 decade ago

    No he's mexican & white

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